Tia was well-known to staff at SPACE2…, having always been involved in the trips and activities on offer. She was confident, outgoing and had a big group of friends who she was often with. Tia started going out with an older boyfriend and it wasn’t long before she was living with him at his flat. Youth workers noticed that Tia was no longer coming to SPACE2… often and her friends told staff they were seeing less and less of Tia as she spent all of her free time with her boyfriend and that she had stopped answering texts. 

Youth workers used SPACE2…’s Facebook account to contact Tia and ask her how everything was going. A week later, Tia came to SPACE2… in significant distress and asked for an emergency 1-1 crisis appointment with her youth worker. Tia explained that her boyfriend had prevented her from replying to messages from her friends, youth worker and even members of her family and she was feeling increasingly isolated. She felt like she was losing touch with those around her and was starting to feel unsure about living with her new boyfriend. She also confessed her boyfriend had been physically abusive on a few occasions. 

Staff listened to Tia and explained that her boyfriend’s behaviour wasn’t healthy and it was unacceptable to try to isolate her from her friends and family. Staff helped Tia to access professional counselling support and a key worker from a local women’s refuge to help her to develop the confidence she needed to end her relationship. They helped her to slowly get back involved with activities and trips with her friends and arranged a weekly 1-1 appointment with Tia to check in on her and see how she was coping. Staff worked intensely with Tia to build her confidence and support her to overcome the negative affects to her well-being that the relationship had brought about. 

Tia now has a flat of her own and is back to bring the confident, happy and friendly young woman she deserves to be. 
“Without the support of the staff at SPACE2…, I would never have got over my fear of ending the relationship” says Tia. “It made things a million times easier knowing that there was someone to talk to, who didn’t judge me and who could help me when I needed it most”

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