Melanie felt like she wasn't good at anything; but YMCA Newcastle youth workers supported her to shine. 

Melanie suffered from poor self-esteem and felt like she wasn’t good at anything at school. She was a very shy and reserved and was reluctant to get involved with the activities and events on offer at SPACE2. Over time, Melanie confided in her youth worker about having recently been diagnosed with a mental health condition which significantly affected her confidence, well-being and her happiness.

Her GP had recommended regular exercise as a means of improving her well-being on top of the medication and therapy she was receiving. Youth workers supported Melanie to develop an interest in boxing in special sessions delivered especially for girls at the centre.

Melanie passed her level 1 qualification in coaching boxing and the sport helped her to massively grow in confidence. She went on to play a lead role in organising YMCA Newcastle’s annual youth games, sponsored by Northumbria University, as part of a small steering group of young people. Melanie now volunteers to lead health and games activities with other young people at SPACE2… and her family and GP have noted marked improvements in her happiness and confidence since developing her passion for boxing. 

“I feel a lot better in myself and less down and shy cos of boxing and staff at SPACE2. I want to be a girls boxing coach”

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