L first came to Walker Project to use the C-Card service. When she visited she was in a lot of distress and asked for some help as she thought she might be pregnant. Staff reassured L that they would be able to help her and took her for 1-1 support in the private sexual health room. 

L was very scared and told us she felt like she couldn't tell her mother or her friends because she was young and hadn't been with her boyfriend for very long. She didn't know what to do or where she could turn for support. Youth workers listened to L and gave her some support and guidance about her options given her suspected pregnancy. They re-assured her that their conversation was strictly confidential and helped her to use the project's phone to make an appointment at her local GP for a pregnancy test. Staff assured L that the project's doors were always open to her if she wanted to come back to talk to a trusted adult in confidence following her appointment. 

Within a few days, L returned to the project to inform staff that the test showed she wasn't pregnant after all and to thank them for the support they had given her. L was extremely relieved but wanted some advice around safe sex and contraception. Youth workers enrolled L onto our C-Card programme which provides free, 1-1 contraception and sexual health testing and advice at the project, as well as support around substance misuse and staying safe. L continues to use the service regularly and now feels much better informed on how to keep herself safe and what her options are.  

L says "My youth worker was an amazing source of support in a time of great need. She gave me the confidence and support to go to my GP and the service has meant I'm better informed and much more safe in myself" 

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