Abdi left college in 2015 because of health issues and left his family home because of problems there. He initially came to us for advice about finding accommodation however we soon identified that he did not have the proper documentation that proved his right to remain in the UK so would be unable to access accommodation. We worked in partnership with Newcastle Law Centre to support Abdi, together we were able to prove Abdi had the right to remain in the UK and we were then able to support him in finding a home and accessing the benefit system. Abdi needed a period of stability before moving forward, and during this time we supported him to live independently and develop the personal and social skills he needed to go back to college. We still continue to support Abdi today. “Thanks to the staff at YMCA I’ve got a place to call home,” says Abdi “and now I can start planning for the future, and with YMCA’s help I’m planning on returning to college.”