Phillip is extremely vulnerable as he has poor mental health. He had a psychotic episode in June 2015 and has become estranged from his family as his mental health has deteriorated. He went on to take an overdose. Since then Phillip has been homeless and staying with friends when he can. He has been diagnosed with early psychosis and depression and is in receipt of benefits until he is able to look for work again. Phillip’s doctors and health support workers suggested that having his own flat and stable environment would significantly improve his mental health and leave him less vulnerable in the future so we prioritised our support to secure him a flat. He has taken part in a football team at SPACE2... and is actively involved in our health and exercise activities. He enjoys taking part in sports and he wants to engage in more sport in the future alongside his rehabilitation. Phillip comes into SPACE2… every week to socialise with his friends, this is crucial to his wellbeing. We continue to support Phillip. Phillip said “SPACE2... is my favourite place to hang out , it’s safe, it’s fun, there’s plenty to do and I’ve got loads of friends here.”