SleepEasy is YMCA Newcastle's annual sleep out event - we invite individuals and organisations to swap their pillows for the pavement and spend a night sleeping rough to raise funds for our homelessness prevention and crisis support work. Last year our rough sleepers raised almost £5,000 which enabled us to work with 2,465 young people and provide intense 1-2-1 support to 401 young people experiencing crises such as abuse and homelessness.

Sleepeasy statistics

Did you know...?
  • Figures from Newcastle City Council indicate there are 200 homeless people in our City, but this does not take into account the 'hidden homeless' i.e., those who are sofa-surfing and might not be rough-sleeping on the streets
  • A recent survey of rough-sleepers showed that 36% had spent the majority of their adult lives unemployed and 3 in 10 had been excluded or suspended from school.
  • A survey of 50 families affected by youth homelessness revealed that 72% believed that prevention and support services such as ours were as important as hostels and accommodation in order to reduce youth homelessness.

Are you brave enough to sleep rough so that Newcastle's young people don't have to?

To take part you need to:

1. Complete the form below to register your interest

2. Get together with a group of friends or co-workers and choose a location to sleep out (you'll need permission from the land owner and Public Liability Insurance in place-  in the past, sleepers have used their office car park or bike sheds)

3. Get fundraising for your night under the stars!

It's as simple as that! Why not have a look at our Sleepeasy Handy Pack for all of the information and support you might need. 

We will help you to make your event a big hit and provide a range of ongoing marketing and fundraising support. See our Sleepeasy Handy Pack for resources, inspiration and instructions on how to create your own fundraising page on our website. We can also provide you with Sleepeasy sponsorship forms if you'd prefer to collect donations in person. 

To keep your group entertained on the evening- why not put together a quiz or sing-song, or how about trying a cardboard shelter building competition?

To register your interest in taking part in SleepEasy please fill in this form or contact [email protected] 

Milly's Story

Milly has recently turned 19 and first started coming to SPACE2...last year. SPACE2... was a chance for Milly to relax and see her friends outside of school.

Milly had a difficult relationship with her Mum. She admitted that this was nobody's fault but she ended up being thrown out and having to leave home. She was suddenly on the streets with nowhere to go and spent 2 weeks rough sleeping in The City Centre.

SPACE2... staff ensured Milly had food, water and clean clothes and helped her secure access to Nightstop which offers emergency beds. Tyneside Foyer, a 60-bed hostel in Newcastle had no space at all for her, but after searching long and hard for accommodation, we found her a bed for the night in Blyth- almost an hour's drive from SPACE2... They advised that Milly would have to be at the hostel within the next 90 minutes to access the emergency bed. 

Staff booked and paid for a taxi to take Milly and her youth worker to the accommodation in Blyth and since then she has been living in supported, shared accommodation.
Milly is certain that without the help of SPACE2... staff she would still be alone and vulnerable sleeping on Newcastle's streets with nowhere to go. The stability that a home has offered her has enabled her to concentrate on her college work and studies.

SPACE2... staff continue to stay in touch with Milly by phone and she drops in to visit SPACE2... when in Newcastle. We've recently supported her to access employment in a local supermarket. Milly says "without the dedication and support of my youth workers at SPACE2.... I would still be on the streets today"