Natasha has accessed our youth work programmes for three years. Earlier this year Natasha left her family home because of constant rowing and altercations with her mother. However, it soon became clear that Natasha was struggling and we noticed her overall wellbeing was deteriorating. Because we have built a strong relationship of trust with Natasha we were able to talk to her about the ability to manage relationships, especially with her family. After initially refusing to meet with her mother, SPACE2... staff were able to arrange a meeting between Natasha and her aunties, with staff acting as mediators. Natasha agreed to work through the problems with her mother and with our support she is now back at home. Natasha’s aunties said “Without the help of the staff at SPACE2... we never would have been able to meet with Natasha and talk through our problems, and now we’re all on the road to having more positive relationships with each other.”