Tasha is happy and confident in her skin as a young woman from Newcastle. 

But it hasn't always been this way for her. Tasha was bullied throughout school and had extremely low self-esteem. She didn't like to go out because of her low confidence and told us she wasn't living her life to the full. Things came to a head on a holiday with her family to Spain where Tasha stood out of the majority of fun activities and had a miserable time because she did not feel comfortable and confident in her own body. 

YMCA Newcastle body confidence stats

Staff at SPACE2... noticed that Tasha's self-esteem was low and aimed to build her confidence by empowering her to get involved in as many groups and activities as possible at SPACE2.... It was a tough process as getting involved meant overcoming a lot of her fears, but youth workers intensely supported Tasha to build her confidence. Tasha's passion for Hip Hop meant she was willing to try dance sessions at SPACE2... and the self-defence classes on offer. She quickly made friends and grew in confidence through sports at SPACE2... She loves the Hungry to Learn cooking programme and is actively involved in many activities at the centre.  

Tasha says "I had no confidence at all when I first came here, but it's like a big family. My youth worker taught me to learn to get over my fears and be happy in the body I'm in!" 

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