Abi says "SPACE2.... has helped me become the young woman I am now" 

When Abi turned 18, she wanted to experience nightlife in the party City and started going out with her friends across town. She loved her job at a local supermarket and was in her first year of college with lots of friends. Over time, as exam pressure from college increased, Abi started going out 4-5 nights a week. 

She began missing College due to hangovers and late nights and was struggling to afford bus fare after spending around £30.00 each night out. She was almost sacked from her job and had fallen out with lots of her friends because of her excessive drinking- they thought she was no longer interested in anything else. 

YMCA Newcastle alcohol stats

Abi started coming to SPACE2... as she wanted to make new friends. Her self-confidence and well-being was poor at first and she told staff that she felt lonely. Staff helped Abi to get involved in lots of activities including music, dance, cooking, makeup and out-bound trips and she quickly made a large, new group of friends. With so much going on at SPACE2..., she was a lot less bored and felt less and less like going out to clubs in town each night. She got back on track with her college studies and she now has a large group of mates who she sees 3-4 nights a week at SPACE2.... She has several hobbies and is completing our Volunteer Training award to support other young women at SPACE2... 

She says "SPACE2.... is the place to be if you're bored of going out all the time spending money just out drinking. There's loads of stuff to do and you meet loads of new people!"

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