8 young people from YMCA Walker are embarking on a sailing expedition across the North Sea in August 2018 for 3 nights in which they will be responsible for all tasks on deck including rope work, cleaning, preparing meals, map-reading and of course- sailing!

Sailing is a valuable and important opportunity for young people aged 13-16 to develop key personal and social skills such as use of initiative, team work, resilience, leadership and peer-learning. The comradery and accomplishment that sailing offers is proven to be very effective in raising the esteem and confidence of young people.

The beneficiaries at YMCA Walker project rarely experience opportunities such as this trip. Young people are working hard to fundraise for the trip themselves by doing bag packs locally and offering glitter tattoos at community events. We are launching this appeal to support the costs of the voyage- any contributions are extremely gratefully received by the young people, volunteers and staff at YMCA Walker!